Lambda Beta Alpha Military Sorority

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Mu Beta Phi Fraternity

Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity, Inc. caters exclusively to men of the armed forces of all allied countries and backgrounds.  As brothers in arms, we accept all race, color, creeds, ethnicities and religious backgrounds.  We are an equal opportunity organization that desires men to simply have one thing; “Dedication”.  We desire men to give their very best and maximum effort to help build the goal and vision of Mu Beta Phi Military Fraternity Inc.

The Brothers of MU BETA PHI are leaders in the local and veteran communities. We strive to develop our communities through education, advocacy, mentorship, motivation and most importantly, development of our youth and defense of our veterans. Our primary objectives of strengthening the local and veteran communities, restoring faith in the veteran communities and broadening the knowledge of our veterans we serve, are key in our success. Standing with dedicated men and organizations to fulfill this goal, we provide a haven to develop brotherhood, friendship, community involvement and change for the greater good.  We are family, we are servicemen, we are stewards and through that we have one common goal; STRENGTH IN UNITY!

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